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Untapped Potential

Did you know that the average paper ketchup cup is thrown away having never reached its full potential? If you don’t believe me take a good look at the one in this picture. See all the little folds? These cups are designed so that, if unfolded, they can expand to three times their original size. That’s untapped potential. An untapped potential right in front of us that many of us simply throw away.

We do the same with ourselves. We all have things, often in plain sight, that hold untold amounts of potential which we never recognize. And consequently, it gets thrown away.

I would encourage you to take a good look at yourself today. Open up. Unfold. Think of all the things about yourself, who you are, and the things you do which could harbor your untapped potential. As you begin to recognize them make a list and consider all the possibilities they may hold.

Remember that it doesn’t matter where you have been, where you are at, or where you are going; you are worth the work it will take to change your life.

Now go forth and find your fabulousness.

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